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Printing & Dyeing Machinery eight major themes for future development
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1, the development process parameters on-line testing and integration of Fieldbus Control System

1) concentration on-line detection and control systems. Development of processes for dyeing mercerized concentrated alkali concentration and desizing, scouring processes of the light alkali concentration, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide bleaching process for online detection and control technologies and equipment. To maintain the concentration of a stable liquid, saving and reduce consumption of alkali-alkali effluent emissions.

2) Setting Machine-line detection and control. The development of advanced on the cloth and drying room temperature and humidity of the drying room exhaust out fabric moisture regain in real-time detection and control technologies and equipment. Heat-setting process to ensure good and stable product quality, save energy and reduce emissions.

3) The color-line detection system. The development of advanced optical and microwave dyeing cloth color than the rate of roll-line detection system for the settlement of a continuous process of dyeing cloth produced around the beginning and end and chromatic aberration and ensure excellent product quality and stability.

4) The field bus control system (FCS). Development of application software for printing and dyeing industry, and computer networks, communication networks, on-line detection and control system, composed of an integrated control system.

    2, developing a new generation of high quality and high-performance woven fabric dyeing and finishing complete sets of equipment

1) The high-quality and efficient pre-processing technology and equipment. Development retreat, boiling, bleaching efficiency, short process of new technology and equipment. Solve the short-circuiting the new pre-treatment technology, development of new high efficiency unit machine, develop on-line detection and control technology and equipment.

2) The woven fabric a short wet steaming continuous dyeing process technology and equipment. Development of short-dyeing process technology and equipment for energy efficiency and conservation additives, reduce production costs, with precise detection and control process parameters to ensure that processed products with excellent quality.

    3, development of a new generation of high quality and efficiency Knitting Plant

    When the original knitting refining bleaching and color processes are a lot of water and energy consumption of batch dyeing machine to complete the process, changed the refining process by the flat rate or a floating cylinder production line to complete a continuous refining bleaching. Developed to fill the gaps of the new flat-rate and the continuous cylindrical knitted fabric bleaching refining equipment, with emphasis on knitwear continuous bleaching refining production lines, machine knitted silk.

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