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Siwei Pu "gorgeous turned from printing and dyeing machinery to electric sweeper
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  These days, as the heads Hangzhou Siwei Pu Technology Co., Ltd., Chu Bo-yin, some busy, looking for his phone constantly. Because the company developed the first units in Hangzhou small electric sweeper, consulting the telephone from the Xiaoshan district, to the remote provinces flock. This does not, just do not talk a few words, Nanyang Xinbao Cement Co., Ltd. call request to negotiate.

  Bold innovations to create turn the beauty of

  Simple production plants, clean factory environment, which is located in guali Long Lane Industrial Area, Hangzhou Siwei Pu Technology Co., Ltd. gives the first impression.

  Siwei Pu is a processing of printing and dyeing machinery, to sheet metal based factories, with its excellent processing quality, a certain degree of fame Xiaoshao area. Early last year, due to the long lack of technical content of new products, combined with the financial crisis, Siwei Pu determination to bold "turned" to broaden the market. They are keen to see environmentally friendly energy-saving technology and its prospects for the development of new products. As a result, the company found the College of Automotive Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology for technical support, through negotiations, the two sides to carry out production and research co-operation in ensuring the former industry, based on the Si Weipu embarked on a small electric dust sweeper path of development and research.

  In August 2008, "Si Weipu" using purely hand-out of the first small electric dust sweeper-like vehicle. After further improve the structure of the product design and optimization of supporting components, developing specialized production equipment, improve production processes, through the efforts of half a year to complete a small test of the product.

  In June of this year, new car well off the assembly line. Si Weipu company does not hurry to sell, but rather the implementation of test marketing a trial for the surrounding villages, businesses come clean and seek advice, and further improve product operating performance. Zhejiang village of hundred first Air China Village is the first one to use the car. Section is responsible for cleaning the village master Shen told reporters that Air China has 29 cleaning the village had a member working more than six hours per day to the village health without getting to spend Zheliang electric sweeper, not only a decrease of 56 cleaning member, other members of the work of cleaning time reduced by two thirds. Today
Zhejiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other enterprises Gonow the factory, workshop, warehouse and guali town parks, squares, pedestrian street and other places, people can see the "Si Weipu" silently and hard-working figure and its refreshing left spotless.

  "To do your job the best"

  Science and technology is productivity. Siwei Pu small electric cleaning vehicles, utility models and designs obtained two national patents, body using integrated hollow plastic structure to high-performance, high-capacity power lead-acid battery-powered, one charge can work 8 hours, consuming only 9 degrees for one hour to complete the sweep area of 7000 square meters, a car can be top-15 sanitation workers, workload, optimizing the side brush with the Rolling Brush structure and motion designed and implemented a "sweeping the main suction" which is supplemented cleaning methods, improving the cleaning ability.

  To do your job the best. Although there have been similar to the domestic enterprises, but has not been the formation of large-scale effects, mainly the lack of a rational design of product structure, there is not compact, single function, garbage dumping and operational inconvenience defects; existing relevant production standards it is necessary to comply with electric vehicle standards, and second, to comply with clean car standards, and Si Weipu of school-enterprise cooperation is to overcome technical problems such as the advantages and objectives. Company is expected to be completed by early next year, mass production line of product, so that large-scale production of new products and quantities to market.

  , "An annual output of 1000 sets the objective of export," Chu told reporters the total, "Now clean sweep at home and abroad for small electric vehicles in great demand, similar products in China at present rely mainly on imports, but very expensive parts difficult, We need to meet domestic consumer, while the products are sold to the international market, and striving for well-known brand cleaning equipment, cleaning. "

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