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Printing and dyeing machinery sing the main theme of energy-saving emission reduction
Publisher:admin  Date:2009-10-8  Click:2486
Energy-saving emission reduction is currently the focus of the state's macroeconomic regulation and control, while the textile industry, a large part of energy-saving emission reduction responsibility will fall on the shoulders of printing and dyeing equipment. Which is why, in the 14th session of the Shanghai International Exhibition on Textile Industry Dyeing equipment accounted for 30% of exhibition space to become the industry's focus of attention. This not only reflects the current situation of market demand, but also more clearly conveys the future restructuring of the industry demand for the equipment.

  Technical performance of maturity

  At this exhibition, a total of 244 printing and dyeing equipment, exhibitors, of which 137 are domestic enterprises, is a previous show on the domestic printing and dyeing equipment, the largest number of exhibiting companies.

  In recent years, China's textile industry, printing and dyeing equipment companies keep up the pace of development, independently developed a number of energy-saving emission reduction can help textile printing and dyeing equipment, especially the long-standing need to rely on imported equipment and technology level has been significantly improved. The exhibit highlights many domestic famous enterprises displayed their equipment, energy saving and emission reduction in the latest R & D achievements.

  Jiangyin Fuda and Wuxi New exhibition out of the big drum washing equipment knits are all around the efficient energy-saving emission reduction, the provincial water, provincial and steam, as well as to adapt to the needs of multi-functional product development and production of. Among them, Jiangyin Fuda new flat-rate exhibited loose knitted fabric wet processing equipment manufacturers through the co-operation, after a trial to prove that water-saving, energy-saving effect of clear discharge reduced by 50% or more.

  The size of bath ratio dyeing machine shows the quantity of water consumed. Therefore, reducing the device liquor ratio dyeing machine manufacturing enterprises to become the subject of a main attack. Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited high-temperature high-pressure airflow dyeing machine, with ultra-low liquor ratio 1:3, which means that their water consumption significantly lower than the normal overflow dyeing machine. According to technical personnel, aircraft, compared with the normal overflow dyeing machine, water conservation and 50 percent, saving 40% of steam, and the staining time by nearly half. In addition, because the fabric is driven by the airflow to run, so the fabric does not produce Zhehen or wear and tear.

  Red Flag of dyeing and printing and dyeing machinery companies developed ultrasonic washing machine at the show to attract the attention of many visitors. Ultrasonic washing box-type body used to wear cloth back to the form of the internal box configured with four ultrasonic generating device, lotion through the cabinet back or between the cell-by-filtered back through the circulation pump to use. In addition, the aircraft within the lotion without heating, washing can be carried out only at room temperature, saving energy; capacity than ordinary cloth fabric washing tank capacity increased by about 1.5 times that can accommodate cloth 17.5 meters, and because adoption of a new type of structure, so that all the washing machines, fabric soaked in water for washing, a significant improvement in washing efficiency,
Shorter washing time.

  In addition, the Wuxi New Alliance Printing exhibited a small disc printing and dyeing wastewater heat exchanger, Taizhou Dyeing & Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited TYM08 efficient energy-saving steaming and washing box, Foshan Caulin environmental protection equipment company display industrial oil (smoke) Fog Purification recycling equipment, etc. are suitable for domestic enterprises, energy-saving, water saving, energy saving, environmental protection and the needs of high-tech products.

  Equipment to meet the market demand

  The exhibition displayed at the domestic printing equipment will not only get expert affirmed also by the users. It was widely felt, made very fast progress, printing equipment, computer technology, information technology in the printing device, the application of more extensive equipment, precision, reliability has improved features and more powerful. In particular the use of digital technology, and more to meet the current market, highlighting the requirements of customization。

  As the international financial crisis has created a global decline in spending power to enable enterprises to aggregate orders falling, many large orders for a single flower type of fabric was cut, or the original orders for a specific production process in an enterprise are frequently changed. So, a small quantity and variety, fast changes in the enterprise gain a competitive weapon.

  Hangzhou Honghua Digital Printing & Dyeing Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited VEGA high-speed digital jet printing equipment, not only fundamentally change the traditional printing and dyeing in the presence of three high and one low (high pollution, high discharge, high energy consumption, low value-added), and is suitable for At present low-volume, multi-species, characterized by fast changing market. According to reports, under the same conditions, the digital printing technology return on investment is 3.5 times the traditional printing process. Effect in terms of speed and dyeing, VEGA digital printing system can achieve 140 square meters / hour maximum print speed, 1080dpi maximum print accuracy.

  Zhejiang Gross's display representative of the world the latest developments in printing technology, the direction of cold-transfer printing machine, to become the biggest highlight of this exhibition. Cold-transfer printing technology is a dye printing solve environmental problems and achieve cleaner production printing technology and the quality of digital printing quality and reach. The transfer of digital printing technology, the use of cold can be directly through the high-precision cold-paper transfer printing machine will be transferred to the fabric pattern, namely the transfer of paper and fabric at the same time into the transfer device, at room temperature under the conditions of the transfer of instant contact with the cloth to achieve a one-time printing . The technology is a high transfer rate enables high solid-color dye-use savings of 40%.
Cold transfer technology in energy-saving features of low power consumption in a more prominent, you can save water 2 / 3, the waste-water recycling rate can reach 90%, save energy by 65%.

  Taiwan Key Cheng Printing Machinery Company exhibited blanket printing machine, using the unique singularity is running technology, numerical control synchronization, each independently driven magnetic blocks, each chromatic independence movements, flower-bit length of the non-polar adjustable, stable and reliable operation at speeds up to 10 / min. This equipment in line with the current market due to the characteristics of quick response, so the current popularity of the show and won a number of orders, which also includes representatives from India, Pakistan, Vietnam orders. Marketing Manager Shao Hanqing introduced their company's sales were never affected by the financial crisis, this exhibition display results have fully demonstrated this point.

  Reliability is still the Achilles heel

  From this exhibition of printing equipment exhibition demonstrated the performance characteristics we can see that printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers is increasing awareness of energy-saving emission reduction. This is the state in recent years, the textile printing and dyeing industry, attached great importance to energy-saving emission reduction has a direct relationship. National Development and Reform Commission from 2007 set up a special fund to help the printing machinery industry to develop new energy-saving environmentally friendly products, some of the project's R & D results have been on display at this exhibition, and some are being implemented. It can be said, either from government support and market demands, the development of printing and dyeing machinery, have entered a best period.

  How to use this opportunity to speed up development? Employed as dyeing and printing equipment exhibition in this area of the Pacific Consultants Electrical (Group) Co., Ltd. Technology Center Senior Engineer Qiu Jing-yun said that foreign-made equipment and printing equipment, printing and dyeing than in appearance and basic use of functional difference was not significant, the major gap remains reflected in the stability and reliability. Although the numbers of line detection and control technology, computer network technology and constant introduction of new technologies such as printing and dyeing equipment, allowing the automation of domestic printing and dyeing equipment, the constant increase in energy consumption, water consumption gradually reduced chromatic aberration, oblique weft are three major problems with the shrink gradually improved,
However, poor stability, and lost by leaking problems are still there. This requires the printing and dyeing equipment, enterprises should focus from the ideology, but also from a practical approach to take action. Another is a driving rates. Foreign enterprises attach great importance to the rate of one car, the rate of its equipment in a car are high, relatively speaking, domestic equipment in this regard has yet to be further improved.

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