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Energy-saving emission reduction is still a printing and dyeing equipment, can not evade the past, the threshold of the
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Energy-saving emission reduction is still a printing and dyeing equipment, can not evade the past, the threshold of the

The last century, printing and dyeing equipment manufacturing enterprises with the production of equipment, mainly continuous; the 20th century, printing and dyeing industry, 90 years made a small quantity and variety of printing modes of production, equipment manufacturing industry began to pay attention to intermittent and semi-continuous dyeing and printing equipment, the development of Some low-liquor ratio, low-power equipment have been brought forth. Because of this mode of production to meet market demand for personalized, so have some intermittent existence of space equipment. Estimate a continuous manner by the processing of cotton, polyester-cotton printing and dyeing cloth printing and dyeing cloth production accounts for about 80% of total production. In the foreseeable future, China's textile dyeing and printing products to the situation of middle and low end products will be maintained, continuous dyeing and printing equipment, printing and dyeing industry of the future will hold.
According to SEPA statistics, printing and dyeing enterprise resource consumption per unit of product is several times higher than in developed countries, such as the advanced countries, t fiber dyeing water consumption is about 100 tons, while China is generally 300 tons to 400 tons, a large number of toxic and harmful substances are discharged into the rivers, lakes, water body pollution. High energy consumption, high water consumption and high emissions is an urgent need to solve the problem of production printing and dyeing. "Textile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" called for dyeing and printing industry focused on solving the energy and water consumption of high, serious environmental pollution problems, the added value of business units to reduce energy consumption more than 10% water recycling rate should reach 35% or more. Printing and dyeing equipment requirements to enhance efficiency, continuous, short-reduction processes such as dyeing and finishing equipment and energy saving, resource recycling technology development and application of automation to improve production levels, the future of China's printing industry and printing and dyeing machinery industry's development will focus on cutting energy use row start, domestic continuous dyeing and printing equipment to guarantee and improve the quality of textile processing on the basis of efforts to reduce consumption of resources.
After years of development, China-made continuous dyeing and printing equipment, process had been formed to meet the requirements of most domestic printing and dyeing process. While the "short process" has been hot discussion for many years, but talk about the whole process of continuous dyeing and printing, process has not significantly reduced, because the dyeing process determined the device process, in the process of equipment under the same conditions there will be no substantial improvement process . In order to achieve the purpose of energy-saving emission reduction, in the printing and dyeing machinery can be taken of the more realistic approach is to tap the traditional production process energy-saving, water conservation, emission reduction potential of machine should be equipped with waste water, exhaust heat recycling system, water should be filtered through the recycling of as much as possible to reduce the quantity of water of fresh water; application of line detection and control technology, standardization, and optimize the printing process, to reduce waste emissions and concentration. In addition, equipment manufacturers with chemical manufacturers, printing and dyeing enterprise joint research genuine reductions in production processes "short process" equipment in order to ultimately produce an effective solution to printing high-energy and high water problems.
Dyeing and printing pre-treatment process water consumption accounts for about 60% of the whole process of printing and dyeing, pre-processing equipment, machines can be achieved by improving the unit to effectively improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption and water consumption purposes, such as installation of spray wash tank, oscillation, ultrasonic, etc. components to improve washing efficiency, improve the sealing steam box in order to reduce heat loss, etc.; also be equipped with high-temperature waste water recycling reuse system to improve water and heat utilization. Rotary screen printing equipment, drying room for peace and Steamer high energy consumption, you can by increasing surveillance to improve heat efficiency; finishing Stenter machine is more energy-hungry, the thermal efficiency of only 18% ~ 26%, with a monitoring system monitoring, including moisture regain, drying room humidity, temperature and other parameters of cloth to prevent excessive drying and unnecessary emissions.
Combination of conditions to enhance the level of automation
n addition to the transformation of traditional processes, mechanical construction, the use high technology to transform the traditional method of printing and dyeing equipment is effective, that is by raising the level of automation equipment, printing and dyeing, is equipped with online detection and control system to improve process parameters in order to achieve textile processing quality, optimize production processes, improve resource utilization purposes. In recent years, China has also been made in this regard significant progress. Former processing to a continuous dyeing and finishing processes can be applied to many nodes have already made technology: domestic printing and dyeing equipment, closed loop speed control to achieve high-precision synchronous drive and temperature, humidity, concentration, liquid, tension, the amount of capacity cloth, PH value, parameters such as moisture regain and the width of the line detection and control of the composition of these modules by a single station line detection and control system has been formed, both for the new equipment can also be used in supporting transformation of the old machine. Such as heat setting machine on-line detection and power control systems, integrated Oil temperature line inspection, detection and control of air humidity drying room and fabric moisture regain On-line detection module can be integrated detection and control, reduce over-drying and exhaust emissions resulting waste of energy.

For the printing and dyeing enterprises, energy-saving emission reduction can reduce both the cost of production, you can also remove man-made factors that affect the quality of printing and dyeing. Through the transformation of traditional processes, and tap potentials and in the application of high-tech printing and dyeing production line automatic monitoring system is effective and realistic, and the future of China-made continuous dyeing and printing equipment, there will be a new look.

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